Pay Dirt Game Overview


The Paydirt slot machine is standard in many online casinos around the world. It also offers players the to return to the wild west.

Many users love the game for its westerns and their heroes, brave sheriffs, and colorful criminals. The manufacturer guarantees that the game Pay Dirt will allow everyone to participate in the adventures of the wild west.

Review of Pay Dirt's Key Features
Paydirt slot machine free download is made with a bright cartoon design. High-quality graphics worked out by RTG software to the smallest detail. The game has a themed playing field in the style of the gold rush. She traced the characters and slot machines.

Another feature is the storyline of the game. You have to become a gold prospector and go to the gold mines in one of the cities lost in the wild west. The playing field itself is divided into five spinning reels and 25 lines. Winning combinations are formed on the reels.

Your maximum win per line can be from 10,000 to 30,000 coins.

Such high winnings are usually typical for classical slot machines, where the probability is very low. But in our case, a modern slot with high RTP, an optimal number of winning lines, and high odds are in front of us. 

Such a distribution of the playing field is the most optimal in terms of simplicity of functionality. The probability of winning a Paydirt slot game is as high as possible. Since the indicator RTP slots can reach 97.5%. In this regard, slots have a massive advantage over others. This is almost a record figure among modern slot machines in many casinos.

The following key feature that keeps users coming back for more is the slots bonus system. As in Pay Dirt, you can:

  • win an unrestricted number of free spins;
  • get into the bonus round;
  • try to find the gold in the chest.

How much gold you can get in the bonus game will depend on the correctness of your choice. All of the above points point to the uniqueness and difference of Paydirt slot review from other slots.

How to play

The essence of playing the Pay Dirt slot is simple. This machine generates random symbols on the screen with multiple columns and rows. Then, by scrolling through each column, the symbols on the screen can stand in a row or fall into another winning combination.


On the online casino sites where you play the game, you can find a section with terms of use and legal information. There should also be information there:

  • about game software developers;
  • payment systems;
  • the rules of the game and the withdrawal of winnings.

Before the game, ask about the conditions of payment of winnings. Since, in most cases, online casinos allow you to withdraw money only if the total amount of winnings significantly exceeds the total amount of bets.

Pay Dirt provides the opportunity to play for free in demo mode first. When you decide to play for real money, you will need to make a deposit. Since guaranteed winnings are the basis of the free slot machine Paydirt, this means that there are specific algorithms. They distribute these winnings to all players.

Often players try to outsmart these algorithms and try different slot spin tactics. These tactics include raising and lowering bets on a specific part of the game and, for example, increasing bets during a bonus round and changing bets after winning or losing. As well as switching to other slots after a certain number of spins.

Consequently, we recommend training first in accessible mode to develop their tactics and action algorithm. The only simple and logical way to earn more is to make as many bets with the lowest cost. So feel free to get into the game and be guaranteed to win big money.

We will now answer new users who want to start playing Paydirt online casino slot with more common questions than others.

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What is the probability of winning the game Pay Dirt?

As a rule, the slot is designed for more than 95% payout. In the long run, about 95% of bets are returned to players in the form of many small winnings. Or a few jackpots. The remaining 5% remains casino revenue for providing a quality service.

How many bonus gold coins can I earn in Pay Dirt?